Student Registration

It's time to register your students for the 2023-2024 school year!
You can do registration by using the Infinite Campus App, or website. If you don't know your login information or you need any help. Please contact the school office at (801) 737-8300.

Student Registration

Stay Connected!

Communicating With Ogden School District

Ogden School District and its schools support conservation through decreased use of paper communication and increased use of electronic communication. Electronic communication is particularly vital in the event of an emergency.
Parents and guardians are urged to provide a phone number (preferably a cellular phone number) and an email address to their student's school and to update the school any time the phone number or email address changes.
Parents and guardians who do not currently have an email account can learn how to create a free email account by clicking here.
Las instrucciones en español para crear una dirección de correo electrónico gratuita se pueden encontrar haciendo clic aquí.