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School bus cartoon
Jer Bates

The school bus stops for students living in the Wasatch Elementary boundary and attending Polk Elementary during the 2019-2020 school year have been announced.

The state of Utah mandates that schools provide busing for elementary students living more than 1.5 miles from the school. With the temporary consolidation of Wasatch Elementary and Polk Elementary this year, two new school bus stops have been added for students living in the Wasatch boundary. If you are unsure whether or not your student lives in the state-mended busing zone, please contact Polk Elementary school office.

Stop 1:
37th Street & Tyler Avenue – Southwest Corner
7:35 am

Stop 2:
Polk Avenue & Kingtson Drive – near the church
7:39 am

Arrive at Polk Elementary School
7:50 am

An Important Change at Polk Elementary School
Jer Bates

Principal Maridee Harrison has been appointed to a new role within Ogden School District. She shares her feelings with the Polk Elementary School community.

Dear Polk Cougars,

I personally want to let you know that I have been appointed as the new principal of Horace Mann Elementary for the upcoming school year. I know that our passionate Polk community will continue to work with and support Mrs. Wilcox to further the great work that we’ve accomplished. Wonderful opportunities are coming to Polk over the next several years and I am confident that the work we have accomplished together will continue and that this is only the beginning of what’s possible for the students at Polk Elementary.

I want to thank you for seven amazing years! It has been a privilege to work with such incredible community members, students, and faculty. Together, we have been able to accomplish so many outstanding things for our Polk Cougars. We set up effective instructional programs. We united to provide opportunities in the arts, STEM, and project-based learning.

I am so proud that Polk was recognized as being in the top 5% for academic achievement in the entire state of Utah. I thank you for all the contributions and the help that you have provided our students and staff on this journey. It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my professional life to work with our incredible elementary students and watch them show so much potential and to grow tremendously throughout the years. Our students, our school, could not have achieved greatness without everyone’s combined commitment to success for our children.

I am proud to have been a part of Polk’s community and I will always treasure the time that I spent with you. I wish only the best as you continue to help our Polk students grow and achieve ever more in the coming years.

Maridee Harrison